BMW 320dSE Saloon - Dude - {P}
I would appreciate if any B.R.`s could inform me of the final drive ratio of the BMW E46 320d saloon. I have a Touring, which is 80kg heavier than the saloon, with a F.D. ratio of 2.35, and was wondering if this is lower than the saloon, and help explain the lower fuel consumption (39 mpg average) that I am getting. - BMW claim aggregate consumption of 51 mpg.
BMW 320dSE Saloon - keithb
Can't comment on the latest 150bhp model, but I have the brochures for 2000 & 2001 3 series saloon and both quote a final drive ratio of 2.47 for the 320d. 39mpg does sound a bit low unless you're spending time in heavy traffic or you're making full use of the performance.
BMW 320dSE Saloon - Dude - {P}
Thanks keithb for your info, which does indicate that the saloon has a slightly higher final drive ratio than the Touring, and would help partly to explain my lower fuel consumption.

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