Volvo 340 restart - ollie
My G-reg 1.4 340 has been sitting idle for 3 months over winter. I've changed the plugs, leads and distributor bits but the thing remains dead. Flat battery I know but even when jump leads connected it only manages one turn before stopping.
I disconnected one of the volvo battery leads (from the battery terminal), assuming the jump leads may have been trying to charge the volvo battery, but to no avail.
Any advice.
Many thanks
Volvo 340 restart - james_60

sounds like the battery needs replacing as winter discharges it

do you have a spare or one you can borrow from a neighbour try that and if the car starts then get a new one if it doesent then its not the battery

Hope this helps
J Stephenson
Volvo 340 restart - Richard Hall
How good are your jump leads? Most of the ones I have seen are only fit for starting a ride-on lawnmower (in fact, I have a set which I use for precisely that purpose). My 'serious' jump leads came from a tractor dealer and have never let me down yet.

Richard Hall
Volvo 340 restart - Railroad
Check battery, starter motor, and engine earth connections.

If you have a voltmeter, disconnected ignition coil so that the engine won't start. connect one meter lead to a good point on the engine block, but not right next to or on the engine earth cable. Connect the other lead to battery -. Crank the engine, the meter should not show more than 0.5V, if it does, then you have a bad engine earth.

Now connect one lead to battery +, and the other to the main starter terminal. Crank the engine as before, and again you should not have more than 0.5V. If you do, then you have a bad connection between the battery and starter motor.

Now connect the meter across both starter solenoid terminals. It should read battery voltage, ie. 12.5V ish. Now crank the engine, and you should not have more than 0.5V again. If you do, then you have a bad connection across the starter solenoid.

If all these tests prove good, and the battery voltage stays up around 10V or more when the key is turned and the engine doesn't crank, it's fair to say that the starter motor has had it.

You are checking circuits under load using volt drop. It's the best way to do it.
Volvo 340 restart - Primera_p

I used to have one of these cars - is it dark blue by any chance.

I found that the earth connection from the starter motor snapped off probably because this engine does seem to 'wobble' around on its mountings a bit so after a period of time it gave way.
It probably is the battery but just a thought.


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