italian car lover - DJR
Having owned and loved a lancia beta coupe in the past,and after various reliable german cars,i am thinking seriously about buying a alfa 156(used)! i would appreciate any info on what/not to buy and to check! thanks.
italian car lover - Humpy
My girlfriend's got one - great car but you have to get the sport pack to maximise its good looks. Unfortunately this makes the car really uncomftable along the country roads around us in Bucks you find yourself doing a maximum of 50mpg so you don't keep banging your head on the roof and bottoming out the suspension.

As HJ says the dealers are a very mixed bag although we've yet to find one that we have used, looked back on and felt that we've had anything like a poor excuse for good service.

I think it's a luck thing, if you get a good one then you're OK, get a bad one and you could spend most of your time banging your head against a wall while emptying your wallet over the counter at your local dealer. Touch wood so far, her one has been totally reliable over the last 20000 miles ( now done 30000), it doesn't use any oil at all between services (the dealer told us that most of them lose alot) however the interior is falling apart, the fuse box cover keeps falling off, the gear lever gaiter is loose and will not fix back and there is an annoying rattle behind the steering wheel.

I absolutely love the car itself though, I wouldn't go so far as to encourage anyone to buy one because I simply couldn't say that you'd definitely get a good one.
italian car lover - PR {P}
Im on my second one now, and I would recommend one. I would agree that you need one with a sport pack, although I didnt find it too uncomfortable (Ive got a GTA now!). You can pick up some real bargains aswell depending on the age / spec you want, If you want to know any specifics ask!
italian car lover - Carmad 10000
I love the Alfa 156. The looks are great and those rear door handles are a great design for the cars coupe style lines. The sport pack does look good however if i were you I would avoid the very over the top Super Spoiler (toyota supra style wing). My dad nearly brought one but the boss (my mum) didnt like it for some reason so that was knocked on the head - shame.

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