Omega- rear seat belt tensioners - SpamCan61 {P}
Today my local Vauxhall dealer tried to convince me that the rear seat belts on my \'96 Omega were fitted with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners. I can\'t see how these would be fitted, from a mechanical perspective, and there is no metion of them in the Haynes manual. Anyone know for sure whether they are fitted?
I think he wanted to sell me a new Omega rather than a seat belt;-)
Omega- rear seat belt tensioners - robert
This is nonsense .......

I had to remove the belts in my Omega when removing seats/rear parcel shelf and can state this to be a load of old tosh.

All three belts are simple inertia reels ........


Omega- rear seat belt tensioners - SpamCan61 {P}
Thanks Robert; I know dealers have to be careful what 'advice' they give in this age of litigation; but I think feeding me BS is taking it a bit far!

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