Caravan towing with Fiat Multipla - Lawrence Addlestone
Anyone any experience of towing a substantial (1150Kg) caravan with a Fiat Multipla JTD 105? I tow with a Volvo but aim to sell as its a thirsty T5. I hope to be able to tow with our recently acquired Multipla - which incidentally is really fun to drive and as practical and commanding as a 4x4 (and really interesting to be seen in!)
Thanks; Lawrence.
Re: Caravan towing with Fiat Multipla - Richard
Should be a fine tow ... the JTD engine has loads of low down grunt and the chassis has a wheel at each corner which means a secure footprint and good stability plus the bonus of very overhang. Let me know how you get on ... I might just follow in your footsteps..!!
Re: Caravan towing with Fiat Multipla - dafydd tomos
I'm also impressed with my multipla. Heard somewhere that it has won towcar of the year -

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