petrol tank air lock - Carole
My new car is the very devil to fill up, and I'm assuming it is an air lock in the petrol tank causing the problem.

I've tried everything: re-inserting the nozzle at a different angle or only only inserting it a short way, squeezing the trigger very lightly, going to a different garage - you name it. I can't fill up fully to get rid of it that way because I just haven't got hours to stand on a windy forecourt (it took me at least 10 minutes to put less than a quarter of a tankful in this morning), so consequently it gets a fiver's-worth every so often and is permanently running on almost empty - which I'm know isn't doing it any good for lots of reasons.

I'd suspected it might be a quirk of the marque and in fact I did learn (from - ahem - another Forum) that this is so: I find it odd that the manufacturers haven't sorted this out though.

And I still don't know how I'm going to get the thing filled: if I put just a little in, remove the nozzle and let the vapours rise for a few minutes before carrying on, would this work? Or just take the filler cap off and wait for a bit before starting? I've never had this problem before and it's damned annoying!

My only other solution of course is to persuade my husband to do the petrol run.

petrol tank air lock - DavidHM
It's okay, you're allowed to mention other fora here, and which car it is. Having said that, I suspect this question would do a lot better in technical.
petrol tank air lock - Carole
The Ahem was more that I felt disloyal looking on another forum when I've always had good advice from here. And I have to say, a forum dedicated to a specific marque doesn't obviously have the variety of posts that this one does, nor do I enjoy reading the posts as much.

And I thought about putting the question in technical, but it doesn't seem technical enough to warrant it! (I was worried about it being a Silly Question in any case.) Thanks for the comment, though I'll see what it brings where it is now I've done it.

petrol tank air lock - mal
I have the same problem with my Honda Civic.
It might It have something to do with the neck being so narrow thus creating too much back pressure which triggers the autostop on the pump. It can differ from one garage to the next and I have even gave up before after putting only a few gallon in and went elswhere.
I often wonder if some garage pumps are too sensitive for my car because when I mention it they always say "no one else has complained".
petrol tank air lock - henry k
It might be that the fuel tank vent tube has been squashed, kinked, blocked or old and collapsed. Hence when putting fuel in the displaced air does not exit via the vent tube but "in your face" If you supply make model etc I am sure the watching experts will supply the definitive reason and possible solutions.
petrol tank air lock - DWR

Is this a new car or a new to you...and we should really know the make.

Some models are a bit sluggish to fill but yours sounds faulty rather than just annoying.

It is so likely to be the breather being kinked as mentioned above.

Had a couple like this where they would take minutes just to get a £5 in them.

BTW I was having a "my documents" clearout the other day when I came across a "Carole post" from ages ago on "what's wrong with the forum"......I'd pasted it in because it was so spot on. Just too good to trash so you are preserved on our hard drive for posterity.

petrol tank air lock - eMBe {P}
I have experienced this problem on Honda Civic/Ballade and Rover 213 models circa 1990 vintage. This was on new and nearly new cars at the time. It takes ages to fill them and you have to exert a fine control on the petrol pump trigger to prevent a cut-off. The only workaround I found was to play with the angle/depth of the nozzle at each attempt to fill the tank. I used to take the opposite approach to Carole - in that rather than just fill up for £5, I would fill up to the brim everytime to minimise the number of frustrating trips to the petrol-station.

It would be useful to know Carole's car make, year, model etc.
petrol tank air lock - Carole
Thanks for all that.

It's an X-ref MGF and I suppose the design of the whole car including positioning of the tank must have something to do with it. So come on you Rover guys, get a grip and sort it!


petrol tank air lock - Flat in Fifth
So come on you Rover guys, get
a grip and sort it!

Of course at one time Carole, you'd have had Dr Dave rushing over from his Rover forum all eager to help but today....alas alack.

Or should that be a lack?? ;-)

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