Fiesta Rear wiper - midlifecrisis
Does anybody know why my a rear Fiesta wiper would stop working. (1999 1.25 Zetec.)The fuses appear OK and the washer works. Neither does there appear to be any loose wires arond the motor and the connections are clean.
Absolutely baffled!!!!!
Fiesta Rear wiper - lauriew
If its the same as earlier Fiestas, there is a "contact plate"on the boot lock striker plate panel. There is a matching springloaded plunger contact plate on the tailgate. These just want cleaning.
Fiesta Rear wiper - midlifecrisis
Nope, cleaned with wire brush and checked wiring, no joy.
Fiesta Rear wiper - lauriew
Steering column switch...try switch cleaner
Fiesta Rear wiper - DavidHM
Is this a permanent problem? My parents\' old Fiesta did this (and for all I know still does) randomly, briefly, and then would decide that it wanted to start working again.
Fiesta Rear wiper - eMBe {P}
Have you tested for presence of volts at the motor connection?
Fiesta Rear wiper - Stargazer {P}
Happened on my 1991 J reg Fiesta....fuse, cabling, switches all ok, volts at motor. In the end I swapped the motor for a known good one...worked fine after that. Suspect it got burnt out after trying to move it when frozen.

Ian L.
Fiesta Rear wiper - Gen
Trick with rear wipers is to keep using them every so often even if don't need to otherwise when want them won't work . Try taking out old motor, oiling if possible and potentially banging ( a little bit) often the banging that knackered them...shutting the least, that's the way i've always figured it.
Fiesta Rear wiper - trymybest
ref Fiesta not working.
First to try is to clean the tailgate hinges, the wiper motor earths through the hinges and if the hinges get a bit rusty the motor will not work.
The easiest way is to knock them backwards a few times and give them aspray with wd40.
I fthat does not work you can try seeing there is feed to the contact plate,you can do that by first of all checking the park feed with a test lamp.that should be on all the time when the ignition ison,then switch on the rear wiper on and if the contact plate has feed the multifunction switch is probably at fault. Hopes this helps.
Fiesta Rear wiper - Fullchat
I'll concur with that, had the same problem and spent hours going through all the possibilities. Took me 5mins to sort the hinges.
Fiesta Rear wiper - Fullchat
Quick test is to get a piece of wire and connect an earth point on the main body to the hatchback. Dont forget to close the lid to make the other contacts!!!!
Fiesta Rear wiper - midlifecrisis
Thanks for all the replies so far. I\'ll give it a go and let you know.
Fiesta Rear wiper - Dudley
Wife's fiesta had this elusive fault - turned out to be the steering column switch. Cured by operating it lots of times!! I always make a point of ensuring it's switched on and off a good few times when I look the car over once in a while (month!) but I lift the blade off the glass beforehand to prevent scratching.

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