engine does not stop running - mre2mpo
I own a peugeot 205 but when I turn the ignition it dose not stop running. I did have some success when changing the idle screw (I think thats its name) on the choke it did stop it but know its started doing it again. what could the problem be and will it cause engine damage
engine dose not stop running - RichardW
Does it 'run on' ie keep running for a few seconds after switch off, or does it just keep running as normal?

If the former then the timing could be wrong causing the engine to run too hot, or it could bo coked up inside - try some injector cleaner (I realise it's carb, but it will have the same effect!). Taking it for a good hard run with decent petrol will help.

If it just keeps running then you have en electrical fault somewhere - this is more difficult to find, but may be a wire rubbed through that is causing a spurious earth.

engine dose not stop running - mre2mpo
It does turn its self off after a few seconds??

I don\'t want to spend much money on it as I am getting a new car in the summer and will probably scrap it.
engine dose not stop running - Railroad
You don't say whether it's a fuel injection or carburettor model. If it's injection then it can't be running on, there must be a fault with the ignition switch, or ignition coil/module and main and pump relay remaining live after you switch off, probably due to a chafed wire somewhere.

If it's a carb, the it's most likely that either the idle speed is too high, and the engine is 'running on', or that the cylinder head is in need of a de-coke.

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