Renaults dirty automatic secret - ferkemall

Renaults AL4/DPO has secret its called the counter its in the software for the automatic transmission ,its a clock that ticks away the time the fluid has been in the gearbox it works in conjunction with the condition sensor , its generated billions of Euros for renault dealers because renault say never change the fluid yet every other transmission mfg will tell you to change the fluid at 30,000 miles because debris from the clutch packs /bands just keeps pumping around system causing damage to valve body/seals/EMV valves/solinoids/torque converter and bearings /bushings ,unless you buy expensive renault clip diagnostic equipment you are not going to be able to reset the counter even if you are only topping it up let alone changing the fluid , its a system where the whole concept was designed to fail unless you have special knowledge and equipment ,look at any forum and common discription is (it went thump and was stuck in limp mode ,there thousands of renaults all over the world for sale cheap because it costs to much to repair!

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