Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Bryan
I refer to my article - 'galaxy - notchy gearbox', July2002
I have now had it confirmed by a Ford main dealer that several people have commented on a 'crunch' on 1st to 2nd gear change when cold on their 6 speed VW gear box. Apparently it is to do with the lack of oil being sloshed around in the box until 'higher' revs have ben achieved for a mile or so thus reaching all parts of the gear box; ie after a couple of miles when the oil has circulated everything is fine.
Anything that can been done to rectify this 'fault'? - you must be joking! not a thing according to one main dealer workshop foreman. Not what I would expect form a £20k+ car.
For what it is worth, the way I manage to avoid the problem is to change gear a little slower than usual until the box has warmed up - rush the gear change before the at your peril!
Why is it that with all this modern technology, gear boxes have not improved over the years - so much for German engineering!
Anyone else with similar problems? if so I hope this puts your mind at rest that it is not you it is the vehicle.
I now rest my case as I nurse this, what otherwise is a brilliant motor, through a long and productive life.
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Bryan
I knew there was something else! - want a haynes manual for the new galax? not a chance. they have JUST boughtthe first ever one out a guess what? - yes itdoes NOT cover the new model - WELL DONE HAYNES.
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Assuming that the 'box doesn't have a limited slip diff in it try a dose of Superlube ZX-1 (use 'search)Once it has treated the bearing surfaces it doesnt drain away and may just give you the lubrication it needs to restore acceptable cold.I am that impressed with the stuff it is a standard 'fit' in everything I own.
Have to chuckle at the Haynes post! I had to remove the door trim from a 5 series Beemer a while back and couldn't fathom out where the concealed fixing was. Customer produced his 'bible' and I eagerly turned to the relevant page.... something like 'remove all screws and clips and remove trim panel' Aaaarghhh!

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Peter D
I do not think it is anything to do with the oil not sloshing aroung as you put it. It is due to the cold viscosity of the oil so as it warms up 1 to 2 miles the problem fades away. Contact VW via their WEB site or better phone them and speak to the tech support department regarding which oil should be in the box. They used to have a probem with the MK111 box and VW agaents under HQ guidance were replacing the EP80 with a synthetic oil. The cold problem can be so acute that on very cold morning you may be locked out of second and notchy in third. You may also note that you can engage secong quite smoothly before you move the car in the morning, another sign it it not the sloshing your garage spoke of.


Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Alan
I thought this was normal for VW gearboxes as my 1970 beetle, a 1302S, was just the same.I got over it more or less by draining out about a pint of ep80 and replaceing it with 20/50.
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - grommitt
If it's not the 1.9 TDi version, Try replacing the oil with Castrol SMX-S, it's a fully synthetic and may help

Galaxy \'design fault\' - official - orack
My 84 Carevell had the same fault when I got it(17000m)still
has it now(480,000m) Live with it.
They can be a pain to get out of top after a long motorway run.
But so what thay just go on and on and on and on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - bafta
If you are not already using it, change to fully synthetic gearbox oil such as 75w90 GL-4. Non-synthetic oil cold weather viscosity prevents synchros operating properly.
Galaxy 'design fault' - official - Andrew-T
Bryan - I believe Haynes manuals are not intended to encourage owners to tinker with new cars and risk invalidating a warranty. In any case they will need time to take a new model apart and put it together again, and then compile a new manual.


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