mini dashboard controls? - mini 30 owner
I've just bought a 1989 Mini 30 with no manual or handbook. Can anybody tell me what the pull out lever near the choke and like a choke but not a choke (flame like symbol on end)is for? Also a push down button which lights up green and has some kind of pedal symbol on it. Old owners don't know either. Any help appreciated.
mini dashboard controls? - Vansboy
Cable is heater vent control?
Switch is light to footwell?
& I didn't need to phone a friend, go 50/50 or hear anyone cough!!
mini dashboard controls? - mini 30 owner
Many thanks

The green footwell light switch doesn't stay on - is that normal?
How does the heater vent control work in relation to the heater sliders - should it be pushed in / out to operate?
Thanks again
mini dashboard controls? - John S
The first is the heater water flow control, I believe. These cars still, I think, control air temperature by controlling the water flow.

The second is probably a bulb test for the 'brake fluid level low' warning?????


John S
mini dashboard controls? - mini 30 owner

all the best
mini dashboard controls? - Jase
Are the traction control and the 6 airbags all working?
Also, check that the climate control blows cold, they're a devil on Minis ;-)

I'll shut up now

CavV6 and cavWeb fan.
mini dashboard controls? - Vansboy
Switch is for brake test, remember it on the Maxi's.
It doesn't stay pressed in, does it?
mini dashboard controls? - Mark (RLBS)
But wasn't the brake test one red ?
mini dashboard controls? - Mark (RLBS)
Thinking about it, I remember that switch better now.

The car has a warning if the brake fluid (or it could have been pressure) dropped below a certain level.

Pressing that switch tests the warning light circuit. It doesn't prove anything one way or another about the brakes, simply that the circuit and the lamp themselves work.

It would illuminate by itself if the brake pressure (or was it fluid) dropped. Although as I understand it you were supposed to stop the car immediately in the event of an indicated failure.

The whole idea of an implied statement such as "stop immediately, your brakes aren't working" just makes me think - How ?

mini dashboard controls? - John S



John S
mini dashboard controls? - DenisO
From memory the green switch is actually the heated rear window and it clicks into position and stays there until you click it back. The orange/yellow button is the brake system test although excatly what it tests I have no idea. The heater control is the other one that looks like a choke. I don't know which position is for heat but that should not be to difficult to figure out!!!
The heat on position is the opposite on later fuel injected engines.
And what's all this about footwell lights. Never in my entire life have I seen a classic Mini that had footwell lights. A figment of someones imagination methinks.
The Mini 30 is a great little car with some nice bits, 1/2 leather, cool badges and Minilite alloys but with a cheapo insurance group. What more could a young man/woman want.
mini dashboard controls? - DavidHM
Hard to say, but please don't add any more to it.

It's a great little car, but they are very rare (only 700 odd sold in the UK IIRC) so please, no Cooper replicas. It's cool as it is, honestly.
mini dashboard controls? - Vansboy
Denis, what about the little toggle switches on the side of the centralised instrument unit.
Didn't they light the dash, slightly, from the side of the speedo ?
mini dashboard controls? - DenisO
Older models Mark. The 30 had the instrument panel in front of the driver. It included a rev counter on that model.
The central binnacle came in 2 varieties; 1 single unit which was mainly a speedo with petrol gauge and a couple of warning lights for oil pressure, high beam and I think water temp. The other variety was the central speedo housed in an oval surround with water temp and oil pressure gauges as separate inclusions.
I do beleive both types had the toggle switch which was used to switch the binnacle lights on and off.
Seems a bit daft to turn them off but older cars appear to have them. My 1985 Land Rover 90 has a switch which has 3 positions:

1). Instrument lights on.
2). Instrument lights off.
3). Instrument lights off and interior light on.

Those old designers must have been using magic mushrooms!!!!!
mini dashboard controls? - Chas{P}
LH Knob is the choke- Pull out for a cold start and push in gradually as the engine warms up.

RH knob is the heater control - fully in hot, fully out cold

Switch with a red brake pedal symbol is the brake warning circuit tester.

Switch with a green window is the heated rear window.

Also there is the headlights switch.

Switch to the right of the instruments is the rear foglamp.


mini dashboard controls? - mini 30 owner
Very, very many thanks to everybody who's taken the time and trouble to respond. All very much appreciated. We shall be keeping the Mini in its original condition - all i need now is a handbook!

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