What denotes Date of Registration? - SjB {P}
DVLA have allocated a 52 registration to my new V70, despite the fact that it was never 'permanently' registered in the Netherlands (export plates only), that my invoice is dated 1st March 2003, that I collected the car on 1st March 2003, that I imported it to the UK on 2nd March 2003, and that it is deemed new at first registration with 390 miles on the clock as it sits in the garage at home.

Does any other Backroomer have similar experience please, advice on how to get to the bottom of this, or any reason why my belief is wrong?

I have initiated an investigation at my local DVLA office, but wish to be prepared in the event that the answer I receive (promised by 12:00 today) is not what I expect.

Many thanks.
What denotes Date of Registration? - SjB {P}
All sorted!

Extremely high level of service by my local DVLA office, who confirmed that it was an administration mistake, and who allocated my 'correct' registration number within half an hour of original enquiry.

What denotes Date of Registration? - Blue {P}
Pleased you got that one sorted, I thought it would end up as a bit of a nightmare. Nice to know that they'll admit a mistake.

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