Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 55 plate - Help needed - MrBreeze
Someone please help, I have a focus 1.6 tdci 55 plate
Car has been in limp mode for a while, I have cleaned the dpf out,
But the car won't do a re gen by itself and won't do a static re gen car has come up with 3 fault codes
P242F dpf accumulation of ash (but cleaned dpf) 2. P2585 fuel additive control module ) have filed up eolys tank but light still on maybe sensor problem??? 4. P0097 air intake temperature
sensor low input. Can someone give me Advice
In this at all, said before car won't re gen at all dpf was new only 3 months old just can't figure this one out without costing a bomb! Any advice on what to do please!
Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 55 plate - Help needed - hardway

Sounds like the addative module is shot/faulty,

So it's never going to regen.

So how exactly did you clean the DPF out?

Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 55 plate - Help needed - MrBreeze
So you reckon it's the fuel additive tank is shot?? Sensor inside is playing up I know they piezo sensors so will need a whole unit but ford charge £479 so will be a breakers yard then.
Well the dpf was completely sooted so filled it with water and basically cillet bang oven cleaner as ovens and dpf produce the same carbon! Cleaned out well. So would you say it's the actual fuel
Additive unit needs replacing you think
Ford Focus 1.6 tdci 55 plate - Help needed - 3uga

My opinion is that you should have put a few holes in the dpf and not completly remove it or clean it with water.

The first code you mentioned is a fault code for wich I understand no one can remove, only the dealer can do that. You need a new dpf or someone who can remap your ecu as to not include a dpf and regeneration function.

As for the aditive module the problem is that you need to fil up the additive tank and prime the additive pump. Priming can be done only by ford, they prime it electronicly.

My advice is that you should go to the ford service and and a additive fillup and reset the fault codes. Considering that you washed the dpf and not remoed it, it shoul work fine for a while.


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