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Hi All,

My partner has a 2009 i30 ES. It is a UK model. The rear wiper has stopped working, so I have carried out some basic checks:

1. The 15A fuse tests OK

2. When the rear wiper is switched on, we can hear a relay clicking in the nearside rear of the car, somewhere between the boot and the rear passenger seat.

3. I removed the boot lid inside cover and the wiper motor is not making any noise at all.

4. The white 4-pin plug that plugs into the motor unit appears to be dead - all 4 pins have been tested to ground when the wiper is turned on and 12v is not present on any of the pins. The relay can be heard clicking during testing.

Any suggestions please? Dodgy relay or something else? If it's the relay, how do I get to it because it seems to be behind the grey plastic around the rear quarter window...there's also an air bag behind that trim and I don't want it activating unexpectedly!

Thanks in advance.

Hyundai i30 - Rear wiper not working - elekie&a/c doctor

I think the first place I would be looking, is the wiring where it runs from the body to the tailgate through the rubber tubing.Possibly broken/fractured wiring.Does everthing else in the tailgate work ok?

Hyundai i30 - Rear wiper not working - 3uga

Had the same problem on a seat ibitza. While your i30 is relaivly new, the seat was from 2001 i think. Most common problems on the rear wipers is that the cleaning solution gets into the motor asemblei and by time rust forms and the gears seize. You should have a look inside the casing before you decide to take a new part from the shop.


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