Marks on French motorways - SPOSPE
I have often travelled on French motorways and noticed what look like the marks made by bare wheel rims, especially in the nearside lane.

The marks look for all the world the sort that would be produced by someone running for mile after mile along a soft surface on just the wheel rim (no tyre). They wander about a bit, but are nearly always on the nearside lane only. They can last for 20+ miles.

Anyone any idea what they are and how they were made?
Marks on French motorways - Berlingo
I think you are right with the wheel rim idea. I can only assume its a heavy with a puncture and dirty rear view mirrors.....
Marks on French motorways - malteser
Can't speak for France, but in Spain these marks usually lead straight into the Armco at the side of the road!
Marks on French motorways - patpending
as French motorway tolls are (among other things) per axle, do you think there may be a money-saving scam behind this?? ;)


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