Advice on Rover 214 please? - Rob the Bus
I'm contemplating replacing my ageing Granny with a Rover 214 SEi, probably on an M or N-plate (ie latest available in old shape). I'd like as few miles as possible (max 70k). What should I be paying? Are there any pitfalls with the Rover 214? Any well known faults? Could I do better for my money? Thanks for your help.

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Advice on Rover 214 please? - DavidHM
By Granny, you mean Granada, not elderly female relative?

Erm, I really have a downer on these. My father had one from 96 to 2001 and it was a complete dog. Known faults: anything between the two number plates. And the exhaust :-) Other people seem to have a more positive, balanced opinion than me though.

Probably a better idea is the Honda engined 216, as they don't seem to go for a lot more. As for mileage, I wouldn't be too hung up on it, but I would say that £800 is a realistic bottom line and £1100 would get you the nicest one in the world with a bit of haggling.

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