It's getting smaller? - drbe
What's going on? HJ's piece in the Torygraph is getting smaller and smaller.
It used to spread over most of two pages, now it is down to half a page - less various headings etc. I don' know what it comes to in column inches, but much less than it was, that is for sure.

HJ, is this the shape of things to come? I really enjoy your piece in the DT, but my enjoyment nowadays is not so longlived.

drbe Don
It's getting smaller? - Andrew-T
Might it be that he has covered every motoring topic of interest, perhaps more than once, in the last 6 years?
It's getting smaller? - frostbite
The DT seems to be undergoing a great and IMO unnecessary change - many long established contributors going, and some less than welcome ones joining. Not only in the motoring section.
It's getting smaller? - dodo
Couldn't agree more!
It's getting smaller? - Daedalus

You couldn't be talking about the ginger one in black could you.

It's getting smaller? - harry m
would have to agree not sure i like the new writers in the motoring section HJ the only thing worth reading.
It's getting smaller? - Citroënian {P}
Could it be that HJ is off to sunnier climes for some diving and thus has written less so there's less to publish.

As for the motoring section in general, I quite like Jason Barlow's articles. The rest can be hit/miss but then so are all the rest of the motoring supplements. Were it not for Clarkson, I'd not bother with Driving in the Sunday Times.

It's getting smaller? - Tomo.
The Saturday DT generally seemed leaner and fitter today - unless the newsboy inadvertantly stuffed bits of it into the box of some subscriber to a "liberal" or "independent" rag, he can certainly achieve the reverse process.

No bad thing if they were all cut back, actually, there is a great waste of paper.

I don't want to miss HJ, though!

It's getting smaller? - malteser
The D.T. is also getting greedy!
I subscribe to the Crossword society, as buying the paper in Spain is a no no because of the cost.
Last years subscription was a tenner - OK I thought. My renewal e-mail is asking for £25 reduced to £ 20 if I renew promptly! Rip off Britain is alive and well, it seems!

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