Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - linac eng
From what I've read on this forum and I've been convinced that the Mondeo TDCi has a "tip in, tip out" bug at 1500-2000 rpm when feathering the throttle.
A new firmware upgrade improved matters but it's still not perfect.

What I would be interested to hear is if this firmware bug affect both versions of the mondeo (115PS and 130PS). Also does it affect the FOCUS 115PS TDCi?

It's looking unlikely that I'm going to go for the focus as the Mondy is only a few notes more but it is still on my list!

Thanks in advance!
Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - Pete F
The Focus is a totally different engine and calibration, so it won't affect that. Not sure if it would affect 115PS Mondeo but I've been driving a couple of them recently and not noticed anything.

Having said that, try to go for 130PS Mondeo as it's much better than 115PS.
Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - linac eng
Thanks for your prompt response!
Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - GilesN
Not sure what "tip in tip out" is, but my Focus TDCi very occasionally judders when changing into fourth, having accelerated through the gears reasonably rapidly. It doesn't do it all the time, but when it does, you have to lift off the juice and put your foot down again to get the engine running smoothly. I've only done 3500 miles and in that time I reckon this must have happened about 15-20 times - Not enough to get really excited about - but very annoying when it does happen - it spoils an otherwise enjoyable drive. Anybody else experienced this? My local Ford dealer took the car out for a quick spin, but it behaved itself - they said they couldn't do anything if the problem was not occuring at that time.
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Drove the Focus TDI on test, most impressed with the power plant, no "tip in tip out" or flat spots very sporty feel. It did have however a tendency to drive itself, kind of "i wont let the engine stall feature" - approach a stop slowly, in 2nd gear, and when the revs start to drop to tickover level, the car starts to slowly accelerate - most disconcerting at first!
Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - FocusTDCIApril
Dont know if anyone requires this information, but it may help if you ever have problems with early models!

Also there is a change of fuel filter from a 5 Micron Filter to 2 Microns filter.


Car and Light/Medium Commercial 31.10.2002

Section: 303 - 04

Model: Mondeo 2001 with 2.0L DuraTorq-TDCi engine built from 10.2001 (build code 1K), Focus with 1.8L DuraTorq-TDCi engine built from 05.2001 (build code 1B)

Markets: All

Subject: Engine running erratically or does not start


Should a customer express concern that the engine is running erratically or does not start, a common cause is that the fuel pump is unable to deliver the required fuel rail pressure due to wear of the cam, rollers and shoes. The damage is caused by insufficient bedding of the rollers during early life. This also creates metallic particles which can enter the high pressure fuel system and lead to injector failure. To rectify this concern, a revised fuel pump, new injectors and associated parts should be installed.

If this concern is present, it will generally be indicated by a flashing glow plug indicator showing that a fault has been detected.

This bulletin supersedes TSB 63/2002 dated 08.08.2002, which should either be destroyed or clearly marked to show it is no longer valid (e.g. with a line across the page). Additions have been made to the Parts Required and Labour Times. The Service Instruction has been ammended.
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This weekend a contributor to the Mondeo enthusiasts Group forum has told us that Delphi,(who make the TDCi injection and management system) have identified excessive back leakage from the injectors as the cause of misfires in the Ford TDCi range. He says that in the last couple of weeks Delphi have produced a test kit to diagnose this fault. Anyone know if this information has filtered down to the Ford dealerships yet?
Focus TDCi vs Mondeo TDCi - FocusTDCIApril
Renault Family >

There was a software bug with the firmware which caused the car to accelerate usually after a gear change, I had the newest software installed 6/6/03 and it removed this problem.

This is my 4th piece of software installed!!!

Good Luck!

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