Driving Theory Test - HF
I just whiled away a few minutes taking a couple of mock theory tests (as you do).

They seemed really easy, but in each case I only scored 25 out of 35 points, and the minimum pass mark is 30 points.

Never done a link before so it probably won't work, but

Be interesting to see if any other BRers do as badly as me!
Driving Theory Test - Dynamic Dave
Never done a link before so it probably won\'t work, but

That link just took me to the AA\'s hompage.

Try this one
Driving Theory Test - HF
Thanks DD - strange, my link took me to page one of the test when I checked it out.
Driving Theory Test - teabelly
Sorry, 32 scored on the first one and 35 out of 35 on the second one :-)
Driving Theory Test - Ian (Cape Town)
Errr, I hate to sound patronising, but is this some kind of joke?
Some (most) of the questions are so dumbed-down, it is as if they are openly encouraging morons to drive ...
But pride comes before a fall, so I'll let you know how I got on ...
Driving Theory Test - Ian (Cape Town)
Mmmm, 33! The two 'slips' were UK specific - to do with insurance/taxing cars, and toucan crossings.
(when were toucan crossings brought in? I don't remember!)
Ok, I admit i took a couple of flyers - based on logic...
Driving Theory Test - Dynamic Dave
Test 1 = 29 points.
Test 2 = 32 points.

close enough, IMHO.
Driving Theory Test - DIRM
31/35 & 33/35.
Happy with that.

Since when I took my test, there was none of this theory whatsit I do wonder what the actual percentage pass rate is.
Driving Theory Test - Alfafan {P}
28/35. Didn't know all the crossings (what is a toucan? something to do with Guiness?) and didn't realise that some of the questions had more than one answer. Test didn't make this clear.
Driving Theory Test - Wally Zebon
28/35 and 34/35
Much happier with the second test. Still a bit worried about failing the first though.

Driving Theory Test - DIRM
Strangely enough I actually knew that one. Can't remember but think the toucan crossing is only fairly new. I seem to recall watching the news item about it & checking to see if it was 1st April.
Driving Theory Test - Citroënian {P}
Test 1 : 34 (Ice)
Test 2 : 33 (mway breakdown & mway tyre)

Not too shabby, quite pleased really, no revision although most of the questions were a bit easy....

Your car is on fire. Do you
a) Call the fire brigade
b) Pour extra petrol into the tank
c) Dance a jig and roast marshmallows
d) Phone Andy Gilchrist and call him names


Driving Theory Test - CM
32/35 roadworthy (horn), toucan crossing, ice

33/35 motorway tyre, walking on the road (!!)
Driving Theory Test - RichardW
34/35 - and only 'cos I inadvertently ticked the wrong box about fog...

For those of you who haven't read the latest highway code there are 2 new types of crossing:

PUFFIN (Some acronym about Pedestrian User Friendly). This has sensors, so that the crossing knows when the pedestrians have finished crossing and only lets the traffic go then. Difference for drivers is that there is no flashing amber phase - normal traffic light sequence is used.

TOUCAN (Play on words of Two Can) - allows both pedestrians and cyclists to cross. Has 2 sets of buttons and two sets of lights (one depicting cycles and one pedestrians). No change to the sequence for drivers.

Driving Theory Test - Mark (RLBS)
35/35 & 34/35
Driving Theory Test - Chris TD
Test 1 : 34 (Ice distance - never really thought of it in multiples of dry braking distance, just a loooong way!)
Test 2 : 34 (mway tyre)

Admittedly other peoples comments about Toucan crossings gave me a bit of a hint about that.

Not that I'm a bad loser, but I thought the motorway tyre one in number two was debateable - duration of exposure to risk.

Reminds me of when the clutch cable went on the Renault on the inside lane of the M6. Not too bad you think, but it was in roadworks......with the hardshoulder being used as a lane......in heavy slow moving traffic. Luckily there were some nice people about that day let me roll onto the grass verge.

I suppose I could have been in the single lane of the contraflow on the other side of the barrier - that would really have made a few peoples day....

Chris TD
Driving Theory Test - caz
i got 34 on my original test a year ago, slipped up on a simple question about a t junction two car cross over question. i guess it was just nerves, i think the test has got easier, i actually found it quite fun while i was doing it for real. but thats just me, a bit of a freak when it comes to exams etc!
Chris youre right, some of the questions are totally debateable, i think its how they stop people scoring full marks!
Driving Theory Test - Hairy Hat Man
"Reminds me of when the clutch cable went on the Renault on the inside lane of the M6"

No clutch - No reason to stop. In fact, with a little practice, it is quite easy to drive a manual all day without a clutch, including starting off an the starter motor. It's saved me from calling a breakdown service once or twice. Not sure what the official line would be in the eyes of law though.
Driving Theory Test - Chris TD
The potential stress level for the M6 stop/start was a little high, but I take your point. As it turned out the grease monkey who changed the clutch 3 days previously forgot to tighten up the locknut on the adjuster and it had "lengthened" the cable through vibration on the motorway run. The slowing down and resulting changing down gear was when I first discovered this.

On another occasion when my 950 fiesta engine died I did use the startermotor/first gear combination to get off the road out of the way, but not sure I'd like to do it too often.
Driving Theory Test - HF
Well I'm way down at the bottom of the class aren't I - but in mitigation I, too, missed some of the multiple answer questions (which of course doesn't account for 10 dropped points in each test).

HF (sitting in wearing dunce's hat)
Driving Theory Test - volvod5_dude
33/35 & 35/35 - easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Driving Theory Test - Clanger
Got 32 right in actual theory test in September 02. One that stumped me was;
What is the maximum width of trailer you are allowed to tow with a motorcycle? I've still no idea; has anyone else?

And I got the minimum tread allowable on a motorcycle tyre wrong. It's 1mm, not 1.6mm as for cars. I didn't even score half a point for erring on the side of caution. There's no justice :-)

Driving Theory Test - DenisO
They didn't have theory tests when ah were a lad but number 2 son had to do one so I did get some experience. Mind you, there are some really dumb questions.
I think the fact that some questions have more than 1 answer is also part of the test. Observation I would guess so for those that didn't give 2 or 3 answers where asked.....slapped wrists.
Driving Theory Test - Doc
Test 1 : 34 (Ice distance)
Test 2 : 34 (m/way tyre)

I was quite pleased-no revision!

Driving Theory Test - Obsolete
I got 35/35 in the real test 5 years ago. (Cue sickeningly smug grin.) Most of the people completed the test and left the room within 5 minutes of the start. I believe 30 minutes are allowed.

It is easy once you have done some mock tests and read the official book as most questions come up again. It is just memory work though I doubt if I remember much now.

It was pointed out some time ago that the theory test has increased the number of people driving without a licence, as it discriminates against the functionally illiterate.

Driving Theory Test - cockle {P}
32 & 35.

Interesting experience as theory was just a glint in someone's eye when I took my test. Seems largely commonsense, but that can be in short supply these days unfortunately. I really think that anyone who has been driving for a little while really shouldn't fail to make the grade.

Driving Theory Test - Martin Devon
Dear HF,

Daughter took it recently admitedly very soon after starting the whole process. Flew through the hazard bit by a huge margin, but failed the main bit by 1 mark, i.e 29/30. Gutted she was and YOU didn't have to pick her up afterwards! Moody or what. She new the failure areas though from memory. No defence, but there seem to be areas of questioning that perhaps are not completely pertinent at this stage to learner drivers, especially where some multiple choice options are 'thick' beyond a joke.

Well hopefully next time.

Regards to all.
Driving Theory Test - Martin Devon
I meant KNEW
Driving Theory Test - HF
Martin - yes it must be gutting to fail by one mark - hope she can just put it down to experience and give it another go soon.

Cockle, you're absolutely right, no idea why I did so badly - maybe just having an off-day, or maybe I need to get myself a new copy of the Highway Code!

Might try the test again later, see if I do any better!
Driving Theory Test - Dave_TD
Oooh, 34/35 on the first one, 35/35 on the second. I got the one wrong about the solid white line at the side of the road in a 60 zone, I said it meant no parking and it actually means edge of carriageway.
A couple of years ago at the Motor Show the DSA were offering mock theory tests on their stand, SWMBO and I took them and were only the 9th and 10th people to get a pass mark that day. At 4pm.
Driving Theory Test - slefLX

I know I passed on both scores but I'm not impressed as I got 35/35 on the real thing in August 2000.

And this is with me considering doing the IAM test!

Some revising needs doing methinks
Driving Theory Test - HF
It seems everyone but me here is almost perfect ;(
Driving Theory Test - Dynamic Dave
It seems everyone but me here is almost perfect ;(

So it's true then! Men are better drivers than women ;o)
Driving Theory Test - HF
Very provocative, DD, and almost had me going there ;)

But instead, I shall make a dignified exit from this thread for now, and perhaps return when my head isn't so addled by the b***** flu!
Driving Theory Test - HF
Sorry didn't realise that was a swear-filter word.
Driving Theory Test - DavidHM
32 and 33.

I dropped on the ice distance, the crossing, and one other on the first one - probably a typo as I couldn't find it on the way back.

On the second one, it was the dipping headlights - I said, before he overtakes, when it should be as soon as he's passed, and on the sign for pedestrians on the side of the road. At least I can say that getting either of those two wrong wouldn't cause me any problems in the real world.
Driving Theory Test - Hairy Hat Man
"On the second one, it was the dipping headlights - I said, before he overtakes, when it should be as soon as he's passed,.......At least I can say that getting either of those two wrong wouldn't cause me any problems in the real world."

Might not cause you any problems, but:
Single carriageway, car in front has main beam on, clear view ahead that it is safe to overtake, begin overtake manoeuvre, car in front dips headlights - can't see if road ahead is clear any longer. Options - 1. cross fingers and hope road remains clear 2. put on main beam and blind car being overtaken 3. abort manoeuvre.
Driving Theory Test - Hairy Hat Man
And it's kinda handy to know that there may be pedestrians walking along the road!
Driving Theory Test - DavidHM
I agree actually, what I meant to say was that it should be as soon as the other driver pulls ahead, as late as possible without dazzling. Of the two, I chose the wrong one as the best compromise.

Anyway, given that I don't drive any heavy vehicles, it's unlikely that I'd get overtaken in that scenario by someone driving sensibly within the speed limit.


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