Magazines - Wally Zebon
Can anyone recommend a magazine that specialises in Audis that would be available from "your local high street newsagent".

Magazines - mal
If you are just wanting to know what is available most newsagents have a catalogue of all publications on general sale.
Magazines - andymc {P}
I think there's a VW magazine, which may be of use if it sets out to cover all VAG cars. Even if it doesn't, in terms of engine components etc any information which applies to VW should apply to Audi in most cases.
Magazines - Morris Ox
Audi does indeed do its own glossy mag which is a kind of product and lifestyle publication. Think it might be quarterly judging by the number of times it's dropped on my desk, but it isn't available in newsgagents. Dealers probably have copies and I'm sure they'll put you on the subscription list for the price of an A6!

Very well produced and uses writers like Phil Llewellyn, who's always a good read.

Not really for used Audi enthusiasts/DiY spanners though.


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