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Hi all,

The time has come to sort out my ailing 220 Turbo Coupe (1995). Does anyone know of a reputable reconditioned engine company, ideally one who will not only supply but also fit a recond. engine?


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Ther are loads of suppliers and engine rebuilders in Exc*ng*e & M*rt evry week; last time I looked the prices made me wonder if the work was of a very good quality. There is a trade association (The Federation of Engine Remanufacturers or something like that) so presumably membership of that might give one some confidence in the work. Good luck whatever!
Recond. 220 Turbo Engines? - M.M

Here's a topline to work from for an engine of a quality to match the performance and potential longevity of the original...

I would not want to pay any *less* than £1600 for the engine delivered to the garage of my choice, say £200 for a new clutch and sundries plus 9hrs labour to swap...perhaps around £300 at sensible rates.

So just over £2000. Every £100 less quoted by a cheaper firm will equate to something that should have been changed left out, or something left as-is that should have been machined.

The FER should give some confidence...but trust me the worse reconditioner in this area displays their certificate!

Know what you may be getting from the Exchange and Mart type guys to understand their attractive prices. Sometimes in the small print (or not stated but actually done) is the phrase "we reserve the right to substitute a quality checked used/repaired unit where applicable".

So that might mean that you are pleased with their price of perhaps £1100 all in compared with the £2000 plus I mention. What you might get though is a used unit from a crashed car (worth about £200-£300), or one where they have repaired a specific fault, fitted with them taking a large wedge from the deal. The only checking it will have had is with a pressure washer!

Tread with care!

Recond. 220 Turbo Engines? - David Lacey
"You pays your money and takes your choice" is applicable here..

Be very careful, that's all I'll say!

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