Renault Megane - squeaky brakes - robert

I had the front brake pads changed on my '98 1.6 Megane Classic a couple of weeks ago. 39,000 miles from new - which I thought was pretty good.

My local Central Tyre did it for £49.99. The guy mentioned that there was a wear lip on both inner disc faces at the bottoms and that the new pads would take a "few hundred" miles to bed in properly. "Don't worry Sir, they are safe, but will squeal under light braking until the lower edge of the pads wear to the contour of the disc".

Well, the brakes do work fine - but they do squeal under light braking. I've now done 900 miles since the job was done. Most of my current driving is motorway BTW - I don't know if this makes any difference.

My question is - is this normal or have I just been palmed off with an excuse. I'll be doing another 600 miles this week by the time I can even think about taking the car back in so any comments appreciated.

In anticipation.

Renault Megane - squeaky brakes - bazza

I had the pads and discs changed on my Megane about 3000 miles ago. They squealed badly for a few hundred miles and have gradually quietened down, they're ok now. I'd give them a chance to bed in.

Renault Megane - squeaky brakes - Dave_TD
The garage should have smeared a little copper grease on the back of the pads to combat this, but it's not the end of the world as they will quieten down over a few more miles. What they told you was exactly right, the pads will bed down to the discs eventually. You are running them in in the right way, gentle treatment now will ensure they last longer in the long term.

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