Windscreen chipping - khg
Can anybody help in advising how best to remove a small windscreen chip caused by a stone? It doesn't seem to have done any harm but I don't want to leave it there indefinately. We tried Halfords own make stuff which seemed to help hardly at all.
I am hoping to sell the car asap so need to act quickly!

Many thanks
Windscreen chipping - mal
This was covered recently so try a search. I believe the thread stated that it will be covered by your insurance foc., that is if you have time.
Windscreen chipping - Tom Shaw
Provided the chip is no larger than a 5p piece and if you're fully comp then Autoglass will repair it for you and claim direct from your insurance company. Won't affect your no claims and no cost to you.
Windscreen chipping - Andrew-T
I don't believe you can successfully "remove" a significant windscreen chip without replacing the screen. Of course you can wangle that under insurance, but you have to allow for any effect on the structural integrity of the shell if you decide to do that.
Windscreen chipping - top
Just a thought, I have a ford with heated front windscreen as standard. I have fully comp insurance, and know that I could get it replaced if it was damaged without effecting any no claims bonus. would insurance cover the additional cost of the
heated screen, I imagine these are a lot more money than conventional screens.
Windscreen chipping - Oz
Check out the following:

Oz (as was)
Windscreen chipping - peterb
If you want your windscreen to go faster, you would be better off fitting a supercharger. ;-)


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