ford ka "pinking" - ka razy
Can anyone explain why my 1997 for ka, has developed severe pre ignition (pinking) Had it to a ford dealer who couldn't find anything wrong!Does it do damage, its driving me mad.....
ford ka - uncle fiesta
I had this problem on my old 'L' Reg Fiesta 1.3 HCS. It was pinking in 5th gear on the slightest uphill climb. It turned out to be the 'lamda' sensor or oxygen sensor in the exhaust which was completely goosed.
After fitting a new one and a new set of spark plugs, the pinking disappeared.
ford ka - ka razy
thanks for your help will give the sensor a look.
ford ka - gbird
I am due to take my 1998 Ka for a service at 72000 miles. I get exactly what uncle fiesta says - (what I assume is) pinking in 5th gear on inclines. What do I tell the mechanic? It's not Ford this time but was at the 60000 service. They didn't pick it up then - it's worrying me now.


ford ka - ka razy
Well,if its the Lamda sensor it'll knock you back arounf £100 so i'm told.As I stated on another post,you could try optimax, which helps,though its an expensive solution!
ford ka - gbird
Excuse my lack of knowledge, but what exactly is the Lamda sensor?

ford ka - ka razy
i believe it determines the fuel/air mixture for the engine management system,though maybe someone else could elaborate,or correct me..
ford ka - Dynamic Dave
Excuse my lack of knowledge, but what exactly is the Lamda
ford ka - Pete F
The purpose of the lambda sensor (also known as EGO or HEGO sensor) is to sense the oxygen in the exhaust gas of a petrol engine. It funtions in such a way that it switches at the point where fuel/air mixture is correct for the catalyst to operate. (Known as stoichiometric mixture or lambda = 1) This feedback allows the module to control the fuel quantity to give correct mixture. When operating like this it is called closed loop control.

During warm up and sometimes at full throttle the Lambda sensor is ignored and the system operates open loop. This means the module stuffs in the fuel it thinks best according to a fuel map.
ford ka - Cliff Pope
But does a faulty Lambda sensor cause pinking? I should have thought a faulty knock sensor would be the more likely culprit?
ford ka - madf
Ford does not use a knock sensor on this engine, I believe.
ford ka - Pete F
Possibly I suppose, if mixture was weaker than it should be as a result of faulty lambda sensor. There is no knock sensor on this engine.

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