The end of the Zil - frostbite
I see in todays Telegraph that the factory making the Zil has ceased production.

I always fancied a look at one, but have never seen one advertised anywhere.

Apparently, they are 'knocking out' the last few made for just £79,000 (as opposed to the £300K+ list price) so get your order in quickly!
The end of the Zil - Andrew Hamilton
But would it fit in your garage? Think getting spares might be difficult as handbuilt so probably each one a special! Film people might be interested in using for authentic period drama. Wonder if it would meet UK car specs especially emissions and if you could get insurance. At least in an accident it should be much tougher than the other vehicle.
The end of the Zil - patpending
"should be much tougher in an accident" - colleague of mine once worked in the Zil factory, they also make metal buckets and fridges!

The end of the Zil - frostbite
It did occur to me that it might be entertaining to phone and ask for an insurance quote!

I think it's a fairly safe bet that the insurance co's will not have Zil on their database.
The end of the Zil - Garethj
You never know with insurance companies; I insured my old Tatra with General Accident (as they were at the time) because they insured the Czech embassy cars in London. The chap on the phone had never heard of them, but it was on his screen when he typed it in. Looking on the positive side, as the cars hadn't been involved in any accidents in the UK the premium was quite low!

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