help with xantia height correctors - Mr Smegma
My ongoing enquiries into the crap ride on my Xantia have suggested
the height correctors may be iffy. Here's what I've found....

Both the front and back respond to the height control lever. The back
smoothly but slowly, the front rather jerkily.

The back auto levels if I sit in the boot, but it takes quite a while. It also takes a while to drop back down when I stand up.

The front also self levels ok, but is rather jerky,

I'm guessing this suggests that the front linkages could use some lube, but what's the verdict on the back... is this normal?

PS, I have no reason to believe the rear arm bearings are worn as the back does move quite freely. It's just crap when driving.

all ideas greatfully received

help with xantia height correctors - The Flying Scotsman
The front of my Xantia was still jerky even after fitting a new height corrector whilst the back always stayed smooth.
Could it be possible that your spheres are needing replaced.
help with xantia height correctors - Mr Smegma
All the spheres are fairly new apart from the accumulator and anti-sink. When they were changed it didn't make much difference.
help with xantia height correctors - M.M

There's a fair story behind this isn't there?

Didn't you first replace all the spheres then find it was stuck in the hard suspension setting. Having suspected the suspension ECU then a main dealer found an electrovalve at fault.

After this was fitted I thought you found it OK.

Anyway if you are convinced the spheres are good now, and that the hydractive system is working, then next I would look hard at those front struts.

The way you describe them sticking in one position for a moment and then rising in a jerky manner isn't good. On my very first BX I took it back to the sphere supplier because the new spheres seemed to be flat. I was somewhat embarrased when he was able to prove the front struts were sticky, once these were sorted the ride was perfect.

Sadly they have to be replaced not lubricated. Your car is very new to need these though so do get a second opinion from a Xantia chap who can actually drive/test the thing.

Don't worry about the slow suspension response, they are supposed to do that when the load changes.

As long as your height correctors are making the car self-level then they should not be the cause of the poor ride.

If a Xantia ride is truly terrible the front is the first place to look, even with almost flat speres at the rear they can be passable.

Oh by the way you must do the accumulator sphere, it is very important to the system that it is up to pressure.

help with xantia height correctors - Mr Smegma
Yep, it is something of a saga.

The ride has gradually deteriorated since I bought the car. Replacing the electro valve stopped it randomly switching to hard mode, which was nice.

However it's now pretty ropey again and I feel every lump and bump in the road.

My real problem is not knowing of anyone in the immediate area (York) who is actually any good with these. Hopefully I'll get some joy when it's a bit warmer and I can look at it myself.

thanks for your help

help with xantia height correctors - doug_523i
My struts stick a little, with an awful groaning noise as the front sinks when you switch off, but it doesn't seem to affect the ride. I seem to remember you could lubricate the BX struts, with a little WD40, but I've not heard of any way of doing this on the Xantia.

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