Lazy boys Hood Cleaning? - Editor
Hi All

Before we go too far I have checked the FAQ on this, & keywords & indeed have the mentioned AutoGlym pack in the garage. But before I put a shed load of chemicals over my cloth golf hood I'd like to pass something by you all. I have seen a guy who restores old yanks clean an admitedly vinyl hood with a medium kitchen scrubbing brush,a bar of Johnsons baby soap & a hosepipe delivering a continous stream of water over the area he's working on. Seems to work pretty well & also seems quite a gentle way of approaching it, although what do I know? But BEFORE I glibly follow suit & do something irrevocable I though I'd ask......It's looking a bit dusty & I'm sure I can see some green around the edges.

Many thanks & apologies if it's been done before-just tell me where please!

Thanks-virtual drinks at the bar for all contributors as seems to be customary on these kind of forums.

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