Some you win but then again ... - Rita
Last week I was issued with a PCN for a 2-hour overstay in a local municipal car park. As the minimum penalty was a £30 fine and because I believed that I had good grounds I decided to appeal. Posted off my letter at the beginning of the week. Today I received a reply advising me that the PCN had been cancelled.

There is justice after all, and it is small victories like this that make my world go round. Mind you, I still haven’t recovered from the imposition of the recent £60 fine and three point penalty imposed for speeding. I still can’t get my head get around the legal principles that are applied in a speeding context when it doesn’t seem to be applied in a non-speeding context. I know that sounds double-Dutch but I know what I mean…

One can’t win ‘em all but it is highly satisfactory when you win at least one.



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