Cheaper insurance ? - volvoman
Hi Gang - just got my renewal from More Th>n for my 940 se turbo and, guess what, the premium for fully comp. has gone down by about 7% from last year to c. £315 for the same cover (own damage/fire & theft excesses £100, windscreen £50) including £50k legal cover premium costing about £13. BTW, I live in outer London.

Some of you may know that the company offers a 'protected for life' Max. (65%) NCB, the real value of which I was highly suspicious of.

However, in the blurb it states that they:

- will not reduce the NCB if claims are made,
- will not increase premiums as a result of any claims &
- will not cancel the policy due to any claims made.

It's early in the day for me but is this too good to be true and am I missing something somewhere ?
Cheaper insurance ? - Peter D
Which Company ???
Cheaper insurance ? - volvoman
Hi Peter - it is More Th>n. I did name them in my original post.
Cheaper insurance ? - teabelly
The only thing you could be missing is that if you change company they may not treat you as having the protected bonus and cut down your bonus as though you had a 'normal' policy. This could lock you into MoreThan as switching to anyone else would be even more costly. I think they also limit the amount of bonus they say you have and cap it at 5 years or so even if you have many more years and some other max ncbs kick in at 6 years so you lose a year's ncb effectively.

Insurance companies have to make their money some how so I guess if you made a few claims they would either refuse to insure you with the protected ncb or refuse insurance altogether if they decided you were too much of a risk or applied special conditions. A complete refusal or special terms would make it very difficult to obtain insurance elsewhere.
Cheaper insurance ? - volvoman
Hi Teabelly - the letter from them states 4 years maximum/65% no claim bonus.

Take your point about moving the goalposts but they've said in writing that they won't do that, haven't they ?
Cheaper insurance ? - Peter D
I though that TH>n was a typo sorry. Peter
Cheaper insurance ? - Clear Spot
I've just done an on-line quote with MoreTh>n for my Volvo V70 SE D5 and it comes out at £386, about a tenner cheaper than Volvo's own insurance (which was my previous best quote) . But Volvo insurance has additional unlimited audio cover and unlimited European cover but doesn't have the Protecting your Maximum No Claim Bonus for life feature.
Have you got a quote from Volvo insurance, volvoman?
Cheaper insurance ? - Cyd
I run a Rover 820 Vitesse Sport, group 17, presumably similar group to your car. i live in rural Leicestershire where car crime is about 25% the national average and I have 9+ yrs NCB. The More Th>n site told me it didn't insure cars like mine!!!!!!!
Cheaper insurance ? - Alfafan {P}
A couple of years ago, I phoned Privilege for a quote. When I told them Alfa Romeo (nothing else) they said they couldn't cover me.
Cheaper insurance ? - volvoman
No CS haven't had a quote from Volvo but have always found More Th>n to be the cheapest for me when I have shopped around periodically. I've been with them for ages now and my only incident (a collision with a driver who pulled out on me from a side turning) was handled very promptly and satisfactorily by them.

Can't explain that Cyd - think mine's group 15/16 but it is an estate so not exactly a boy racer's car!

I guess there will be regional variations and these will sometimes be inexplicable, like your situation. S'pose that's a very good reason to ring around and not just accept the first quote.
Cheaper insurance ? - Big John
I've just had a quote for my kit car, JPR Wildcat - Etype lookalike £147 fully comp 3000 miles. When I last ran it in 1996 I paid nearly £300 pounds!!!! I know I am getting on a bit but wow!
Cheaper insurance ? - frostbite
Like yourself VM, I have been with More Th>n/RSA for several years and unable to find cheaper.

A couple of years ago they did increase my premium for no claim reason and when I spoke to them (as RSA at the time) they suggested I telephone their new business dept., as if for a new quote.

The result was a £60 reduction in premium over the previous, never mind the new, premium for the same cover!

They certainly move in mysterious ways. Silly name though...
Cheaper insurance ? - M.M
Just had the best deal in years.... for the old Land Rover from the NFU.

Third party fire and theft for £86, self and spouse. They class this as a Classic policy because of the vehicles age and a 3000 mile limit.

The excellent part is that they call it a Classic policy and charge accordingly but it has exactly the same benefits as a standard car policy with mileage the only restriction.

Amazingly it also covers any trailer up to £1000 for TPF&T, either when attached to the vehicle or stored detached. This can be a horse trailer, builders type...whatever.

In the past I've paid up to £50 for this type of trailer cover alone.

Cheaper insurance ? - Mark (RLBS)
>>Amazingly it also covers any trailer up to £1000 for TPF&T,

Check again MM.

I would guess that its up to £1000 Fire and Theft. The TP side must be either unlimited or very, very high.

You might just check to see if it has anything to say about trailer contents.
Cheaper insurance ? - nick
MM, I think that is a bit expensive for tpft. You should be able to get fully comp for that sort of money on a restricted mileage classic policy, unless you live in a high risk area or don't garage it. Try ringing around some of the advertisers in Practical Classics. I pay around £75 fully comp, agreed value, UNLIMITED mileage from Footman James for my Morris Minor. I don't know whether it includes trailers though and the unlimited mileage is only for cars over a certian age.
Cheaper insurance ? - M.M
Didn't phrase that well....yes the Fire and Theft covers any trailer up to the value of £1000 when on or off the vehicle. The Third Party element when the trailer is on the vehicle is the same as the vehicle itself.

Appreciate what you say but it is important to compare like for like. This policy is called a Classic but is as generous in cover as any quality normal car cover. Also my occupation is rated above average. I did look at the normal Classic policies but they had odd exclusions and restrictions that were unnacceptable. Finally as we have trailers the trailer cover is important. Try claiming on a classic car policy for a horse trailer stolen from your paddock and I think most would say "you what?". I just checked out that last time we had a separate horse trailer policy it was £54 just for Fire and Theft of the trailer.

As a further example of NFU insurance value my TPF&T tractor policy has just been renewed at £70. As well as covering any trailed or attached implement the policy includes £5 million third party liability while in the course of any business or chargeable activity away from the public highway. For example if a grass topper blade flies off and injures someone.

Compare this with the Norwich Union renewal this year for third party liability cover for me as a sole trader...premium £1000! Needless to say I went elsewhere.

By a coincidence my business, vehicle and tractor insurance all fall due on the same day in Feb and this year it took some 4hrs of phone calls and meetings to find value policies where the detail matched my circumstances. This included visiting the brokers to read through sample documents.

It's amazing what might not be covered when you examine the detail, most folks don't bother and leave themselves wide Mark so often says.



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