Posting Website Adresses. - Dynamic Dave
**** Updated 10/12/04 ****

When typing website addresses into your posts, don't just write the www. address, but use the full www. address including the http:// at the start of it. That way people can just click on the link without having to copy/paste. It will also help the moderators from having to edit your post.

Typing just and people will have to copy/paste.

Typing with http:// at the start and people can just click on the link.

If you start your thread with a web link, remember to add a space beforehand, otherwise it won't become a clickable link.

If the URL link you want to post is very long, highlight and copy it, then visit either or and paste the link into the box. You'll be then given a shorter link to use instead.

Please Note:-
Don't post clickable links if the web url refers to a video clip. Please leave off the http://

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