Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - Richard_H
What with these cars and their appetite for head light bulbs.

The works pool car is a P Reg 416i, which will happily much its way through 3-4 bulbs a year.

My Civic VTI has used 3 in 9 months of ownership and the driver?s side has just gone again.

My brothers N Reg 416Si is already on its first replacement bulb and he?s only had it 3 weeks!!

Look on the road and you see loads of 400s and Civics with blown bulbs.

The only thing I have come across like this is Vauxhalls and their hunger for dash and heater control bulbs. I?ve had an X Reg Astra van which liked to eat them, a W Reg Vectra which liked to blow the ones behind the Speedo unit and an old J Reg Astra years ago which used to go through a complete set every 6 months, I got to be quite and expert at changing them.
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - edisdead {P}
I concur, being the owner of both a 400 and a Civic. I've taken to carrying spares around with me. Not sure what causes it.
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - mal
Have had 2 old shape civics in 3 years, only problem I have had was water/moisture behind the lens, I refused the dealers remedy of drilling holes in the bottom and insisted on new units.
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - P.Mason {P}
My wife has had her Civic 5 door since last June, I've had an Aerodeck since Oct, no bulbs gone yet. Could it have been a bad batch of wiring causing shorting?
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - tonyt
Try using high quality original equipment bulbs e.g Osram or Philips and you might find that they last much longer, only problem is you might find them hard to obtain, but try they are pretty good
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - turnin' japanese
I've done 60k in 2 different 400sldi s over the past 5 years & never had to change a headlight buld yet! Probably just as well as people tell me they're difficult to get to.
Got through a few brakelight bulbs though until I stopped using cheap ones from a well-known-motoring-chain

Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - David Lacey
Yep, cheap bulbs and bulb that are only tested at 12V are the cause here....we used to see many bulb failures on 400 and 75 models but not so much now, thankfully.....the 400 Diesel is a pig to replace headlamp bulbs on....let alone a 75!

MG-Rover Problems?
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - edisdead {P}
Thought I would dig this old thread up. My weekend check of the cars revealed that the nearside rear driving lamp was out on the '95 416i. I was just about to install a spare when i thought I would attempt the "give it a kick" method of repair - to my amazement, this worked. A sharp whack on the light cluster and the lamp came back on, obviously a bad connection somewhere because I checked the bulb and it was securely in place. Perhaps this is a common problem with 400's/Civics.
Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - DL
With the cold, damp air we have had of late, I have seen a few lamp failures like this.

This is the reason that a lamp is tapped (by hand!) during the lighting check on an MOT.
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Rover 400 / Honda Civic 5 Door Headlight - RoadDevil
I noticed B&Q (Warehouse in Reading, not sure if this is the smaller B&Q's too) are selling decent quality GE automotive bulbs at pretty reasonable prices, ie, standard H7 at £6.95 I think. OEM bulbs are generally either Philips, Osram or GE.

Also noticed two or three years ago that decent Osram bulbs were on sale at most filling stations and motorway services in France and Germany. All we seem to get here are cheap and nasty unknown brands in similar places!

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