Converting a 4.7litre v8 Jeep to run on LPG? - M. Caine
Anyone know of a company that can do this without problems. Feedback I get fromAutogas is there is a problem with backfire on inj & engine warning lights come on on the lpg tested v8 jeep
LPG Recommendation - Guy Lacey
Not 100% sure if they could help but try D&N Autogas on 01934-750-077 - they've converted all sorts incl. BMW M3's and BMW 750's and I think some large 4x4's.

The engine management light is due to the cut off of the injectors when on LPG and it sees this as a fuel fault I suspect. Not sure how they get around this.

The backfire can be sorted by using a "fart-flap" which is basically a pressure relief valve to prevent damage to the air-flow sensor.
Re: LPG Recommendation - Mark
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Re: LPG Recommendation - M. Caine
Thanks Guy - will give them a call

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