Removing chewing gum - drbe
How can I get rid of chewing gum (cg) from my car\'s carpets.
I operate an airport car service and some inconsiderate person has left some cg on the carpet. I have got the bulk of it up, but there is quite an unsightly area left. The carpets are very dark in colour (anthracite, I think) any good tips, you resourceful people you?
Thanks drbe Don
Removing chewing gum - Dynamic Dave
Place an icecube on it. This will set it hard and should be easier to break up.
Removing chewing gum - M.M

Yep just get one of those spray canisters that freeze pipework for domestic central heating work.

Freeze the gum and when it is brittle chip off and vacuum up.

BTW Who sung that song?

Removing chewing gum - Phil I
IIRC Lonnie Donegan just recently deceased.
Removing chewing gum - NWS
Put the ice cube in a thin plastic bag, otherwise it just melts and doesn't work as well.
Removing chewing gum - Rita
Use a frozen gel bag or two, the type that goes into a cool box. This will cover a larger area and would not defrost over the carpet.

Removing chewing gum - slefLX
Have a look at this site, it gives loads of different methods of removing chewing gum from various surfaces, at least one of these siggestions should work - I hope.
Removing chewing gum - slefLX
suggestions - of course!
"I read it somewhere - can't remember where."
Removing chewing gum - Andrew-T
If you have to use a solvent, try acetone, cautiously (nail varnish remover).
Removing chewing gum - drbe
Thanks everyone,
The Tipking site is both interesting and comprehensive. Very useful!

thanks again
drbe Don
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - Richard Turpin
Does anyone know how to remove chewing gum from cloth car seats. Petrol does not work. Nor does scraping. Any help appreciated.

(Incidentally, I have now noticed that not only every pavement, but the road as well is covered with bits of chewing gum. It just seems to stay there. Perhaps chewing gum should BY LAW be tarmac coloured. Or maybe we should build roads of chewing gum since it seems to be indestructible.)
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - PhilW
Try the link below - it was posted on this board some time ago and I put it in my favourites. Sorry I can't acknowledge the original poster, can't remember who it was.
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - THe Growler
Singapore has the right idea: chewing gum is illegal there.
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - drbe
As the original poster (I think) I found thatafter removing the bulk of the gum by hand, that peanut butter - believe it or not - is very effective
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - Andrew-T
drbe - do you prefer your car smelling of chewing-gum or peanut butter?
chewing gum on car seats. REMOVAL? - Ian (Cape Town)
apparently that spray-and-cook oil is very effective.

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