Motoring(ish) Programmes - Mark (RLBS)
So which is the best then ? Or has been in the past ?

I always used to enjoy Top Gear, although not so much anymore.

Deals on Wheels is good, except its a pain not knowing when it was made. (I checked the credits last night, no date).

Salvage Squad is, IMO, awful. I always feel like I'm being conned when I watch it.

5th Gear was tiresome. Laods of subjects, but they never seemed to spend any in-depth time on any of them.

Off-Road started out good and then deteriorated (I don't know how old it is, but its on one of the Sky channels).

What else ?
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Pugugly {P}
Driven was pretty interesting and diverse when first launched but declined into unwatchability - Sumo Car Wrestling...really!

Right Car Wrong Car. Different, and good as a one off series should not have made a a second stint though.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Ben79
I loved the new Top Gear, and even mum would stay in the room when it was on.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - FergusTheDog
Does anyone remember a C4 programme called "Wheeltracks". I was on it once but didn't have a video in those days so I have no records at all.

Think it was pretty lightweight stuff.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - NWS
New Top Gear, just awful, especially when Clarkson's 'oh gosh Jeremy you are just so great' "Mini-Me" was speaking, whatever his name was. Has there ever been a presenter on any TV show more fawning about a co-presenter?
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Morris Ox
IMO, Top Gear is about as good as it gets. Others are for either anyone with the attention span of a goldfish (Fifth Gear), or frustrated TV producers obsessed with camera angles (Fifth Gear).

Thing you have to recognise is that motoring TV programmes are not aimed at motoring enthusiasts. They're aimed at anyone who likes 'entertainment'.

Like most entertainment programmes, the content is shallow and obvious to the enthusiast; mildly interetsing to anyone else.

At least the Stig segments were a laugh on TG and it did look at though Jezza had got a few enthusiasts in the studio.

One more plaudit for Top Gear: they gave it time. How much info do you think you can pack into a half hour prog with an ad break, credits, and all the usual presentational froth? I'd be surprised if a half hour show actaully has more than 15 minutes worth watching.

Bring back Wheelbase, I say!!
Motoring(ish) Programmes - HF
Does watching 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' on TV when I was a kid count?
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Clear Spot
Top Gear is the only one I've watched all the way through (as I have a sneaking admiration for JC), and then only once or twice. I really can't be bothered with them. (its possible my choice is restricted as we don't have cable or satellite etc, but I doubt this would make any difference)
Motoring(ish) Programmes - volvoman
Sad to say but I don't like any of the so called new generation of motoring programmes much. Too much fancy arty-f***y camerawork, dodgy music and verbose presenters who have become caricatures of themselves!

Why can't we have some educated talk about serious issues and in-depth test drives/ appraisals of cars we want or aspire to own. If I want chat shows or comedy I can look elsewhere.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Homme van Blanc
The old Top Gear, with Tiff et al was pretty good.

The new Top Gear is purely a vehicle for JC's overly large ego.
Too much fawning from the 'squirt' fellow to be enjoyable.
The 'bargain of the week' spot was excellent. The fat guy does an article in the S. Times motoring section along similar lines.

Anything with Jason Barlow and his cheesegrater voice is almost unwatchable.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - davo
I love Wrong Car, Right Car - especially the showroom stunts, do sometimes think they are forewarned though.

The dealer is excellent, he looks a villain but is actually spot on sort of bloke and has a quick wit.

Top Gear latest was goodish, Clarkson is better than he ever has been, the fat dealer is crap. Just as Quentin Wilson used to be awfull, always coming up with deals that were not real, such and such a Merc, FSH, immaculate etc etc just bought for £XXk, then you find out that there are none in the country at that price.

The late night Granada progs awfull.

They should involve more industry experts imho, like getting Martin Ward from CAP, or the guy from Glass's, on, Martin tells it as it really is and his sources are impeccable
Motoring(ish) Programmes - edisdead {P}
Deals on wheels. Mike Brewer cracks me up.
Motoring(ish) Programmes - frostbite
Doesn't anyone else like Vicky Butler-Henderson?
Motoring(ish) Programmes - Dynamic Dave
Doesn't anyone else like Vicky Butler-Henderson?

Michelle Newman (Pulling Power & F1 presenter) does it for me!!
Motoring(ish) Programmes - No Do$h
Doesn't anyone else like Vicky Butler-Henderson?

RrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr! Hubba-hubba!

Top-Gear Gti. The way forward!
Motoring(ish) Programmes - frostbite
And of course, the lovely Suzy Perry for the bikers.

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