Renault 19 TD Funny Noises!! - steveholden
Recently got hold of a Renault 19 TD (RT) and took if for some new tyres. About 9 hours after fitting them the car makes what i can only describe a rubbery noise when braking! a sort of squeak, and it now makes some odd knocking/wobbling noises when you turn to the right. any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Renault 19 TD Funny Noises!! - Dynamic Dave
1st thing I would check is that your wheel nuts are done up tight.
Renault 19 TD Funny Noises!! - Mondaywoe
This is maybe no help at all.....but my Mum's Clio had similar symptoms, especially going down hill on a sharp left bend.Checked everything out - dampers, driveshafts, brakes etc etc. Triumphantly, I found a snapped anti roll bar connection. Got a new bolt fixed it and did the noise stop?

Did it heck!

Then I just happened to notice that the front mudflap was catching the front wheel on a sharp turn! Took the flap off and everything was hunkydory!

Are your roll bar bushes OK?

I know the Renault 5s had problems with the back torsion bar bearings drying out - made a dreadful clattery creaky noise. The R19 would ahve a similar setup. They are a big job to fix - but not terminal if you can live with it.

I had a R19 - it wore out it's front wheel bearings very quickly, but that was more of an ever increasing rumbling grinding noise.

Renault 19 TD Funny Noises!! - Mondaywoe
Loose wheel trims or wheel trims contacting the rubber of the tyres? Does it go away in the wet?



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