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Hi All, I hope somebody can help or give me some advice on what may be causing me problems with my car,
Recently I purchased a brand new Sachs Clutch and Flywheel from carParts4Less, ECP's online version, everything is new and non re-manufactured.
I asked a VW specialist to fit the parts for me which they were more than happy to do, after I picked the car up everything was immediately sound but after going shopping it developed a really annoying problem

Every time I start the ignition, the car violently shakes in to life, like a real bad judder and you get a throaty rough sound come from the engine bay, this is all only for about half a second when the car initially starts up, once the car is started it drives perfect, no trouble with gear changes, no noises or knocks and no issues at Idle or speed, the jiolent shake at ignition does seem to get worse the longer it's driven, for example on the motorway i stopped off at the services, when i started the car it did it really bad.

I took the car back to the garage and explained the problem, they told me i had been supplied a faulty clutch or flywheel, so i had to buy the parts again but the problem is still there even after the second lot of new parts and i'm pulling my hair out, i've spent over £1000 so far on parts and labour and i don't know what else could be causing this problem, I'm worried the garage are going to say it's the clutch and flywheel again... what are the chances that these parts can be faulty two times in a row? They're brand new!

Can anyone give me any advice or maybe an explanation as to why this might be happening?

Car is a VW Golf Mk5 1.9 TDI 2006

Really appreciate any help, thanks!

Volkswagen Golf - Please Help! Car Violently shakes on ignition. - Cris_on_the_gas

Sounds like the starter motor jamming or not engaging on the flywheeel. Is the noise consistant with the when the starter is spinning the flywheel.

Obvious question is is this the right flywheel for the car or is the starter motor pinion worn, although the latter should have been spotted by a decent mechanic.

Volkswagen Golf - Please Help! Car Violently shakes on ignition. - Holbroom

One of my colleagues suggested the pinion but when i watched the youtube video it wasn't the sneezing sound, the sound is hard to describe, it's throaty, i know that doesn't really help much, The flywheel was the only one i could buy for my car on the website so i assume it is the correct one? the others were LUK and Valeo, It is a DMF as well, just to clarify.

The garage in question does have a good rep and they're supposedly a specialist in VAG

The first time they told me it's very rare to get faulty parts, the fact i've had this problem now through two new clutches and two new flywheel leads me to believe it might not be a problem related to the clutch or flywheel?

Volkswagen Golf - Please Help! Car Violently shakes on ignition. - skidpan

I know its a bit late to be told this but buying parts this way and getting a garage to fit them is a 100% route to disaster if things go wrong.

The supplier will blame you for buying the incorrect parts.

The garage will blame you for supplying the incorrect or faulty parts.

So you have to pay them again to take the parts out and then pay them again to fit replacements.

And you are at the mercy of the supplier with regards to getting any money back if the parts were incorrect and if they were potentially faulty you will have to wait for them to be inspected. Whichever it is you will be out of pocket after buying the parts a second time whilst hoping for a refund.

But if you simply take the car to a garage and get an ew clutch fitted if it does not work correctly its their problem to sort at their expense.

For the few pence you save its simply not worth it.

Volkswagen Golf - Please Help! Car Violently shakes on ignition. - etbgene


How did you fix the probelm? I have got exactly the same problem as yours on my VW Golf 1.9TDI after the replacement of the clutch and flywheel by a brand new Sachs Clutch and Flywheel.



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