Covertible Repair - Philip Duerden
Help please, somebody has given my Saab a brand new sunroof using only a stanley knife.

Does anybody know if it can be repaired, the cut is about 4-5 inches above my head..

If so is it cost effective or should I get on the phone to the insurers ?

Any help would be greatly apprecited

Re: Covertible Repair - Ian Aspinall

Sorry to hear about that. Makes you wish you could get your hands on the culprits and cut bits out of them with a Stanley knife, doesn't it? But you just know whose side the law would be on if you did...

I've just had a new hood fitted to my car by the Don Trimming Company in Birmingham, and they were very good - knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I'm sure they won't mind giving you some free advice and a quote. Their number's 0121 373 1313.


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