Another dilemma! - Phil C
My sister and her hubby are looking to to buy an estate car in order to carry her dog and imminently arriving first child (plus associated stuff) in relative comfort.

Apparently they've seen cheap brand new Marea Weekends at Motorpoint and are tempted.

However I've read HJ's summary and it gives them a mixed review. and after my own dealings with our local Fiat dealer (DC Cook - I wonder what happened to them?!?) I wouldn't recommend Fiat ever again!!

Should they go with the Fiat or look for something pre-owned for the same price (around £7k).

If the pre-owned route is to be pursued any recommendations on what to look at?

As usual many thanks for any advice given!!
Re: Another dilemma! - honestjohn
A Mondeo. There are loads around, so they're cheap. They're not cheap because they're bad cars; only because there are so many of them. Big difference from why Mareas are cheap.

Re: Another dilemma! - Bill Doodson

I have had 2 Mondeo estates the GLX TDI (company car) what a slug! It went nowhere very slowly at 27 to the gallon but it seemed to be the engine rather than the car itself that was "wrong". The wife decided she wanted another one because she liked the seating, space and general drive.

We found a private sale on a 60,000 mile 2.5 V6 Ghia that seemed to be OK but the clutch went one month later, then the following month the engine overheated good style due to water pump failure and the wifes inability to notice the temp gauge. Recon engine time, then the new shocks that had to be fitted, bills coming towards 4K.
Now the engine seems to have a mind of its own the fueling has got worse, it wont accelerate and low to medium revs and then charges off. On letting off the throttle the engine revs only slowly drop to an idle. Can you or any on the forum suggest some one who can do a service on the injection and ECU in the West Yorks area, ie rolling road tune up.

I wanted to get another Passat by the way.


Re: Another dilemma! - Alex

I'm Phils expanding sister. I've had four Fords now and do not want to buy another. Especially not the fleet car of fleet cars, a Mondeo. Can't you recommend something a wee bit more exciting, it's bad enough that we have to buy an estate car.


Re: Another dilemma! - Vin
I had a Fiat Marea as a company car for a couple of months.

Terrific drive, super sound with five cylinders, excellent laugh quotient, but:

1. Gave me terrible backache. Appalling backache. But then, I am 6'3".

2. Felt like it was made out of tinfoil.

Just my tupenn'orth; try one out and if the seats suit you, give it a go. I'm a bit of an Omega bore, so I'd suggest you try the Omega estate, but I suspect it'd be a bit run of the mill if you're looking for excitement.
A nice TD estate. - David Woollard

A £7000 Xantia TD Estate will be a very nice car. But then the regulars will say I would say that.

A very practical car with some style and a super TD engine.


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