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Hi HJ.

My other half is looking to buy a horsebox. One she has seen is a Mercedes 814.

It has a horsebox built about ten years ago.

The cab is not a tipping cab. Not sure if this is due to the body over the cab or how it was originally.

the engine is now apparently accessed via cab floor.

We have been told not to look at any with non-tip cabs, but cannot find any real advice as to how much this will effect maintanance, cost and the like.

I am sure this is not a unique set up, but can't see if we should avaoid or if this is another old wives tale......

thanks if you are able to shed any light on the real effect of this.


mercedes-Benz 814 - should i consider a mercedes 814 with non tip cab - gordonbennet

That's getting on a bit now, but at the time it was probably the highest quality light lorry you could buy, over engineered as only an MB can, a company director i know well had no end of trouble with other makes at the time, i pointed him at 814's and they ended up with a small fleet of them which gave sterling service for many years.

If it's been looked after well (but does anyone look after horse boxes properly?) then it should go on for years if the tin worm hasn't got to it.

I certainly wouldn't dismiss it purely because it's a non tilt, if it was designed properly as such then the engine access can be surprisingly good from under the seats, the only real issue is if the engine has to come out which is unlikely, most servicing is straightforward, often more pleasant if done outside in the weather cos you're under cover anyway..:-)

I'd pay a lorry mechanic to check it over if it were me.


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