Metro Alloys - Shahrie
Hi there,

I've recently bought a Rover Metro 1.4SL and have managed to get some GTi alloys for it. The original wheels on the car were steel rims, 155/65R13 whereas the alloys are 185/55R13. The wheels fit OK but in the Haynes manual it doesn't recommend changing the steel to alloys since the suspension systems on the GTi and GTa, which usually had alloys, were slightly different.
Has anyone actually changed to the alloys from the original steel rims and noticed any problems? Is there any way around the problem?

Metro Alloys - Simon
I can't forsee any problems with changing the wheels from the steels to the alloys and as for the different suspension systems I can't think of what may differ between the SL model and the GTi's and GTa's.

Personally I would just stick them on and see how you go. If you find any problems with them, then I am sure someone may be able to help with advise as to resolve the problem.
Metro Alloys - Peter D
Your insurance just became invalid, went up or the alloys are not insured, Sorry Fact Regards Peter
Metro Alloys - Doc
The GTA and GTi models have an anti-roll bar fitted on the front suspension and the GTi also has hydraulic dampers.
The GTi has additionally an anti-roll bar fitted to the rear.

The tyre pressures will need to be different from the 155/65R13.
Metro Alloys - Cyd
I think you'll throw out the suspension geometry and suffer horrendously uneven tyre wear.

However, if it does work do let us know, my wife would like alloys on hers.
Metro Alloys - kithmo
You shouldn't have any problems with the later 13" steel wheeled metros. The earlier 315mm (metric) steel wheeled metros had different wheel offsets and the alloys off other models would catch on the brake calipers. If you fit them and they spin freely without catching anywhere they'll bo OK.


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