IMI versus City & Guilds - aroon

I'm talking about 'Automotive engineering: Light vehicle maintenance & repair' career.

For those out there in industry (garages, franchise etc), i'm wondering which qualification is the more advanced/prestigue ? Add which you would prefer ?

Is the Level 3/2/etc for C&G equivilent to say L3/2 with IMI? Is the IMI still an NVQ type qualification?

I'm doing a full-time city & guilds Level 2 and struggling to find a L3 apprenticeship as employers seem to be off put by the fact i'm over 25.

So if I have to continue on to L3 as a full time course instead of apprenticeship the problem is most colleges don't offer it, and those that do it is the IMI Level 3 instead of C&Gs...

Your thoughts are welcomed.

IMI versus City & Guilds - oldroverboy.

Instead go for the equivalent of hnc/hnd in engineering and you will learn to be an engineer not a fitter.

Iwould have preferred some qualified people instead of what we were sent..

the day releasers who didn't go to college on their day, some who couldn't get out of bed, some who we rapidly realised could not read and write properly. and those who had various afflictions that made them unsuitable,.

Aim high, bit of patience and you'll get there, the country is crying out for proper engineers,

Good luck and best wishes,

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