Polo fumes - elebe
I have a polo which takes in fumes through the air vents on the dash. Smells of petrol and engine. Worried it might also be exhaust. Seems to happen when the car is stationary.

Any ideas why this happens, what is causing it and how to stop it.
Polo fumes - IanT
Presumably your engine also smells when you lift the bonnet (it shouldn't!). I think an exhaust leak at the engine end is most likely, but a variety of other gasket or petrol leaks are possible depending on the exact whiff.

Polo fumes - elebe
You have to get down close to the engine to smell it.
It seems to be coming from the inlet manifold side nearest the cam belt cover. I wonder if some of the fuel connections to the injectors are loose or hoses are perished? Its difficult to see under the air filter to find out if fuel is leaking.
It doesn't sound like an exhaust blow.
Polo fumes - Big John
It sounds like your oil breather hose has split, depending on the age of polo it should be a the rear of the engine just behind the inlet manifold, its only made of rubber so the oil does tend to rot them.

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