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I have a 2002 Mondeo Ghia with Climate control that blows cold air after 45 mins driving, does anyone else have this problem? Also i have poor radio reception which cause sibilence esp. on left hand speaker
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There's been some software updates for the MK3 Mondeo, so worth talking to your dealer.

You can also read off the fault codes yourself to see if there are any set. Follow this and report back any you get:-
Switch on the ignition. To display the trouble codes, simultaneously press the "OFF" and "FOOTWELL" buttons, release them and then press the "CENTRE VENTS" air distribution button within 2 seconds. The trouble codes are displayed in 2-digit segments at 2-second intervals. For example, the code B1251 is displayed as follows:


mondeo climate control and radio - Ant
I have a 2003 Mondeo 2.0 GHIA, and I thought it was me!

My car too seems to get a bit cooler after about 45 to 60 mins. It's especially noticable on longer motorway trips, and punching up the temperature by a degree or two solves the problem, but I shouldn't have to do that. It's climate control, right?!

Does anyone else know if a software update fixes it?

Can't help much on the strange sound problem - mine doesn't suffer. But I have seen faulty manufacture on loudspeakers cause the problem you describe or even a duff tweeter. Hopefully a new one under guarantee would be forthcoming if you raise it with your dealer.

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It does sound more likely to be a speaker problem than a radio reception one, because it's only on one side. Is it Ok on CD?
mondeo climate control and radio - mondeoman
Yes it sounds fine with CD or when the radio reception is strong,but when the signal gets weaker the the problem occurs
mondeo climate control and radio - mondeoman
My dealer (deleted) has reset the software but fault still occurs, and they say they can do no more. also side windows mist up in auto and it operates the fan without the engine being warm. The system is worse than useless

Please refrain from mentioning dealer or other company names, unless they are positive comments. DD
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There is obviously something amis if it's running the blower before the engine temperature is coming up (unless the interior is warmer than you ask for). If they run a proper diagnosis they should be able to see what the engine temp is and therefore duduce whether it's getting a 'warm' signal when still cold, or getting the correct cold signal, but still turning the blower on. If I were you I would try another dealer and ask for a proper diagnosis with a cold engine. They should also be able to see what interior temperature it's seeing, as a fault code will only be set if the sensors are open or short circuit, not if they are telling the climate ecu that the interior temp is 30 deg when it's only 5 deg, or the engine temp is 90 when it's only 5.
mondeo climate control and radio - Ant

I've found that to avoid the side windows misting up, you need the side air vents fully open, select "AUTO" then additionally select FOOTWELL and SCREEN buttons. I leave it like that most of the time. Even so, with a car full of people on very wet days I sometimes need to ramp up the fan speed manually.

Sounds like you do have a problem with the system, on my car the fan does wait for a warm engine before blasting away!


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For info..

Driver's side, windscreen + side window, both occassionaly mist up slightly.
Selecting 'windscreen demist' is usually sufficient to clear but sometimes a fan boost is required.
A specific reason cannot be pinpointed.
Is due to the sun shining on drivers side?
Blocked airflow?

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Mine's the same, except it blows cooler after about 15 mins, just as the engine temperature has reached normal. I've had the software update and checked the fault codes, none showing except the obligatory, B1242 air recirculation flap code, which may show up even when there is no fault. I think it may be the flap that lets cold air in that is sometimes sticking. The car is going in to the dealers tomorrow for a new seatbelt and they are going to take another look at the heating, I'll let you know tomorrow night of the outcome.

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