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Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - BeckiLou79


I am looking to invest in a XC90 as an upgrade to my falling apart Seat Alhambra that I currently ferry my 4 children around in. I have 3 under 4's and I can currently fit the 3 car seats across the middle row with my teenage daughter in the front meaning I have a huge boot with the 2 extra seats removed. This works well for us as we do a lot of motorway miles to visit family some 200 miles away on a fairly regular basis. However my car is slowly falling apart and I am looking to 'upgrade' slightly to a 2004/05 XC90.

I have a 2 year old son with very complex medical needs and his consultants are all based in london even though we now live in the westcountry. So I need something reliable that will have minimal expensive faults and something comfortable for our long drives. I just wanted to know if anyone can point out problems to look out for, expensive hidden costs or if there is a similar alternative to this car that would suit our family needs


Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - craig-pd130

The Volvo forum's XC90 area will probably have more information:

Most XC90s will have the 2.4 litre D5 5-cylinder diesel which is basically a tough unit, but check when the timing belt was last changed. It should be done, together with tensioners and pulleys every 60K miles or 4 years as they are prone to failing if left much longer - which WILL cause a big bill.

There are a couple of other recognised niggles with things like inlet manifold swirl flaps, but these don't cause catastrophic failure like in some BMWs.

Basically, look for a comprehensive service history with receipts to prove that work has been done (not just a stamp in the service book)

Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - gordonbennet

Have you looked at HJ's used car reviews above, given the 2 good points and the umpteen bad points quite why it warrants 4 stars i can't work out, maybe its particularly good when its running.

You need a localish Volvo specialist workshops if you want one, depending on where you live Volvo main dealers seem to think Monopoly money is real life.

Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - RobJP

Let me confirm this, taking it from the original post :

You want to 'invest' in a 10 or 11 year old car, which originally cost £30-35k, and is now going to be priced in the region of £3-5k.

It's a big 4*4. Not cheap to run (don't expect any more than 30 mpg). It's 10 or so years old, so things are going to be worn out, or close to it. So it's likely to need a decent amount of money spending on it to keep it in good order. It also (as has been said in another reply) needs cambelt changes doing, and absolute proof (the invoice, service stamp means nothing) that it has been done.

HJ has a philosophy : the costs of running/fixing a car are NOT based on the price you paid for it, but the price it cost when new. As such, imagine the costs of running and fixing a £30k car. Then ask yourself if it's such a good idea.

Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - daveyjp
A friend has just traded one which had done over 150,000 miles, but repairs were mounting up, servicing was expensive amd fuel use was heavy. He much prefers 60mpg from a new A6 to the mid 20s from his XC90.
Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - Happy Blue!

I bought an XC90 for similar reasons to the OP. I kept it for three months and replaced it with a Ford SMax which was at least 20% more economical, cheaper to service, was very reliable, roomier, drove better and was preferred by the children as it was not quite so high. The SMax lasted almost five years before I sold it for good money and am buying a smaller car. I miss it.

The advice is therefore not to buy a fashion accessory, but a useful product to ferry children around.

Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - pd

Cambelts are not a big job on a D5 - 1.2-1.5 hours is about normal. A good mechanic can probably do one in about 40 minutes start to finish.

A lot of the common XC90 niggles got solved from about 2006-on so be careful with the earlier cars.

Early autos can give problems, as can electrics, 4wd system and suspension.

Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - skidpan

I know a chap with a V90 diesel. His wife loves it but I don't think he's really convinced. It only does about 22 mpg but most of its life is spent in town. Really big expense is tyres, it eats them. After about 12,000 miles they are getting ready for replacements and like all these modern 4x4's they have to be replaced 4 at a time to avoid upsetting the diffs.

Don't forget that repairs are not cheap. Parts are priced for a £40,000 new car and not a £10,000 used one.

His wife wants the new model, he wants a new Jag.

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Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - Alby Back
Car purchase decisions are often though ( if not almost always ) a combination of needs and wants. If the OP wants a rufty tufty 4x4 type thing then she is going to be happier with one of those than an MPV.

My wife's every motoring need would be well ( if not better ) served by a Focus/Astra/Golf type car. But she prefers her Qashqai ( because it looks nicer in her opinion ) and I suppose it's at least as tough to argue with the heart factors as the head ones.

I agree with those who suggest that an MPV ( at that budget ) might prove a more practical, reliable or at least economical solution but I can relate to someone wanting something they like too. Just as long they go into it with open eyes and if necessary, an openable wallet.
Volvo XC90 - running costs of a Volvo XC90 - slkfanboy

Having owned an XC90 I can say it's very nice , but tyres dont last much more than 10-15K and are pricy along with fuel costs. Servicing seamed not to bad if you don't use the dealers. Off and On Road performance is great.


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