Hyundai 1.4 eco IX20 2012 - steering pulls to left - oldchap

I have just bought a 2012 IX20 1.4 eco. Its been back to the dealers for pulling to the left at motorway speeds ,& on normal roads the steering seems very sensitive to road surfaces.

The dealers said that they had retracked the wheels,but that did not completely cure the problem,so I had it rechecked on a computer tracking system & they found the front nearside wheel out of alignment.

unfortunatly this has still not completely cleared the fault as when driving on good roads I still have to hold the steering as the car still seems to slightly pull to the near sideand the steering still seems very sensitive to the road camber & ruts ect .Its not serious but makes driving the car unpleasant, not at all like the IX20 eco 1.6 diesel they lent me while they had my car

any suggestions would be welcome

Hyundai 1.4 eco IX20 2012 - steering pulls to left - Railroad.
The most common and likely cause of steering pull is bad tyres. Contrary to what you may think tyres are never truly round or even, and certainly not perfectly balanced. Try changing your front wheels side for side and see if it pulls the other way. Then change the rear wheels side for side and see if it's diiferent. If the characteristics of the steering pull have changed then you know a tyre is causing the problem. You will need to be mindful though that some tyres are directional. Those that are will have an arrow on the side wall pointing in the correct direction of rotation. Some tyres also are marked 'Outside' and 'Inside' on the side walls, and must be fitted the correct way round. Check this too.

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