Astra 8v - prm
Just a question for you tech minded guys, do the 8v 1.6 engines in the new shape astra's have the same prob's as the 16v, and do they still need the cambelts changed at 40,000 miles along with the plastic tensioners ( if they are plastic ). I only ask because I had a reminder from my Vx dealer about how important belt renewal was on the 16 & 24v engines, but nothing about the 8v. Thanks in advance.
Astra 8v - Dynamic Dave
AFAIA, the 40,000 mile change applies to all Vaux Engines fitted with a c.belt.

Again though Vaux have moved the goalposts. The suggested change on my old 2.0 8v Cavalier was every 36,000 miles when I owned one a couple of yrs ago.

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