question is, new or used - KW
In need of an estate and although I'm open to suggestions, my current choice is a new (discounted) passat 1.8t from vw main dealer for around 16.5k - some great passat deals at the moment. Or a 2 ish year old V70 either 2.4T if possible but may need to be the 170bhp model for around the same money. Plan is to keep the car for a few years (5 or more). I guess it's a tough choice most of us face, but any advice on costs, benefits, good/bad of either welcome, like wise any suggestion for any other estate I've overlooked.
question is, new or used - NWS
Merc C class? SAAB 9-5?
V70s don't ring my bell but they are pretty universally raved about here. I looked at one and found the dealers very willing to do deals
question is, new or used - bafta
Used motor every time, if your paying. You don't think fleet managers pay those ridiculous prices do you? For 16.5k you have some serious motors out there to choose from and you will reduce that mind boggling initial depreciation. My friend has a V70 and I think that it is a very reasonable vehicle - goodlooking (for an estate), roomy, well-built and very comfortable, with a certain presence.
question is, new or used - nick
Used - as good as new with any bugs ironed out and someone else has taken the first big hit of depreciation.
question is, new or used - bafta
There is a wealth of information about the V70 on the thread started by LoeyDaFrog. HJ likes the 2.4T doesn't he?

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