2002 Models (Facelifts). - KENN
Can anyone advise websites,mags, were i can find info on possible facelifts or new models........ preferably in VW range........ or do i have to wait for company press releases.
Is there a German Motor Show this autumn ?

Many thanks.
Re: 2002 Models (Facelifts). - honestjohn
This year's Frankfurt Show in September will see a huge number of launches. Everything I know about is included in the car by car breakdown on this website. If anyone knows better, e-mail me at letters@honestjohn.co.uk and I'll add it.

Re: 2002 Models (Facelifts). - fecker
Autoexpress.co.uk is ok for this sort of thing. Not much use for anything else tho....
Re: 2002 Models (Facelifts). - Nicholas Moore
Autocar publish a list on a regular basis, last one I remember is in 4 July issue. WRT VWs the following dates are listed:

4x4 Spring 2002
Polo early 2002
Microbus 2004

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