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Vx Omega 2.0 16V

What HT leads should I use? Vauxhall ones or Halfords, or Bosch or some other?

Same question for spark plugs, how do you know what plugs to use because the Vauxhall ones have no ratings on them.

How do I know if the distributor is any good, I am going to remove it tomorrow, how do I remove it? what do I look for when I have it in my hands? Again what distributor should I replace it with, Vauxhall or Lucas or what?

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I dont think you have a distributor. Distributorless ignition or DIS Module, as long as it looks to be in good nick it should be fine. Early V6's had problems with rain water sitting on them causing them to rust. no such probs with the 16v though.

I would also stick with Vauxhall plugs (which are only 4 quid each). Bosch leads would do the trick as well if there are any cheaper than official vx stuff.
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Never used these guys, but their parts seem cheaper than main Vaux dealers.

Unfortunately you can't buy on line at the moment. You have to choose your product(s) and then email your request.
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I am about to buy a DIS-Pack and HT leads for my V6 Cavalier. total cost from AutoVaux £164 + free delivery because they took a while to respond to my email. Much cheaper than Vx dealer and HT leads are Bosch, so exactly same as Vx branded ones.

AutoVaux are excellent

Probably still have to pay Vx to fit 'em!
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Omega: plugs, leads & distributor - Rosanbo

The cost of Vx HT leads to me (trade price) not sure how much more they would be for public, is £60

Halfords set HIL 556 cost £30
Bosch set at Halfords (not stocked) B-808, cost £16
Motor factors quoted me £20 and £18 and the second motor factor pointed out to me that the standard set cost £18 whereas the sports set cost £60

So I conclude that the Vx set costing £60 are probaly of some higher quality than all the other cheaper ones, and the sports set are probably of equal quality with the Vx

I do have a DIS module which is probably fine.

I will probably clean up my existing plug leads, because the only thing wrong with them was that 1 & 2 got some oil inside them.

The plugs...I found that...

Champion RC10DMC at halfords costing £17

NGK 302 - BKR6EK at Halfords were £16.50

and Vx ones to public were about £3.90 each ( £2.28 ea. trade)
The car accompany manual said VX part No. 90 512 986 for spark plugs, however I was given spark plugs No. 91 132 006, and the Vx plug that came out of my car had "918" on the shaft and the new ones had "000" on the shaft, I have no idea what these 3 numbers stand for. and I will go back tomorrow to find out why I was not given the recommended plugs.


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