Ford Focus - Radio code - Bazza C

does anyone have a code for radio serial number V122578

please email -



Ford Focus - Radio code - elekie&a/c doctor

I don't have it.These people may be able to help;

Ford Focus - Radio code - Bazza C

thanks for that, do you know where i can get it free like the serial numbers that begin with M?

Ford Focus - Radio code - Galaxy

You won't get the code for a "V" serial number for free, I'm afraid. Nobody on this forum can do "V" codes, only "M".

You will have to either use that link that elekie has provided, go to Ford Main Dealer, or there are people on Ebay who claim they can do them for a fee.

You won't get a "V" code for free!

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Ford Focus - Radio code - Bazza C

Thanks for the replys i guess i'll just have to pay, shame the garage didnt store itwhen repairing my car


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